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A good diploma is a well-structured text-graphic representation the most scientific process that took place during the training. How to choose a topic? There are two options either you choose the supervisor and supervisor to offer topics and already among the proposed supervisors that you choose. Or, on the contrary, you have some topic that you are interested in, and you really want to do something or are looking for a supervisor who would help you somehow move on this topic.

Personally, I had a situation where I chose a supervisor and then he offered me a choice of different topics, I asked how much work and in what direction to be done. Then choosing the right theme for me was the obvious. A good diploma in any case contains a literature review. A good diploma contains an introduction that describes the problem and possible ways to solve it.The diploma should contain 2-3 sections (chapters) in which the specific evidence or refutation of the hypothesis or proposal on which the student worked in the process of writing a scientific work.

But the most important part is the content. The content part is usually always discussed with the supervisor. Therefore, the abstract, introduction, conclusions are of secondary importance. Nowadays, the Internet offers such a convenient system for searching relevant documents that it is necessary to view, in General, at first all the documents related to the work. The initial "search" is necessary to carry out very common, to use only main keywords. However, in most cases it turns out that a lot of publications that you find on the Internet are not related to the topic you are studying.

Therefore suggest it is necessary to read a brief description (abstract) of each document to not to go and not spend a lot of time to discard all that is not necessary. Usually under this approach to "search" conditional support from 200 articles remain not more 50. With these documents really need to work to study the text to understand whether the useful information contained in these articles. If this is an article from a scientific journal, you need to know what level this journal. Among the scientific literature, too, there are different gradations. Not all publications are recognized by the scientific community as authoritative sources.Once you have really started practical scientific research it is necessary to take notes. Describe each step that is aimed at the goal, write down important decisions that are made at the intermediate points of the project and indicate why this decision was made.

If, for example, every day you write one page, there is nothing complicated, and in a month it is already 30 pages. For someone on the contrary better and more convenient to devote three days from morning to night writing works. The difference in approaches depends on the nature of the person, you just need to know yourself well and know what can be the most productive moment of the day, where it is better to work at University or go to a cafe or work at home. Often there is a situation when a student has already started to write a thesis on the chosen topic, but the process of creative search at some point stopped and then there is no progress. In this case, it is better to change the topic or change the supervisor, but it is better to initially make every effort to study the chosen topic – to objectively assess their capabilities, collect and organize scientific materials. That would be at the last moment it turned out that everything is bad and nothing can be done. Alas, there are shy students who meet with some difficult moment in their studies and try to overcome it on their own. And if they fail to achieve the desired result, they are afraid to come to their supervisor and tell him that they need help.

Responsible supervisor should explain to his ward from the beginning that the student should keep the problems associated with the thesis. A good scientific supervisor will always tell the student which specialist can be contacted to solve a specific question or an extraordinary problem.

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